Our Issues

We help people use the initiative process to increase liberty in their communities. Municipal initiatives offer a unique opportunity to offer principled common sense legislation directly to voters. Often the signature requirements are low enough to keep expenses minimal yet using the process can be a challenge for the inexperienced. Liberty Initiative Fund has been working directly with the municipal initiative past two years. We’re now seeking opportunities at the municipal level to further these issues:

Hold government accountable

  • Term Limits
    Term limits for city councils and municipal boards
  • Save Our City
    Fix out-of-control city contracts and underfunded public employee pensions
  • Ethics Reform
    Enact ethics reforms. Cut perks for politicians
  • Equal Justice
    Mandate independent prosecutors in fatal or violent incidents involving police.
    Establish independent citizen review boards

Fight crony capitalism

  • Our Million-Dollar Vote
    Create a voter check on public subsidies and tax dollar giveaways
  • Save Our Homes
    Stopping  eminent domain abuse
  • Arbitrary licensing and permitting laws
    Open up business entry, reduce occupational licensing requirements
  • Spending Transparency
    Full disclosure of contracts, city checkbooks, and competitive bidding processes

Protect our liberties

  • Civil Asset Forfeiture
    Clean up law enforcement with measures that stop the highway robbery known as civil asset forfeiture
  • Police Cameras
    Require police to wear lapel cameras, and disclose over-aggressive policing
  • The “Have Mercy” Measure
    End Police Harassment of Poor People & Crippling Fines
  • Municipal Transparency
    Full disclosure of policing and municipal code enforcement