They Want It All Money and Power

It’s the season. In many places those jokers who won the popularity contests last election day are up to no good.

A “Citizens Commission” in Arkansans has just raised legislator pay by more than double. It seems as though the last 30 days of public comment was a sham.

The commission has received dozens of emails objecting to the pay raises, including criticism that the move would create a full-time Legislature and that the pay hikes dwarf the cost-of-living raises that state employees receive.

“I don’t know how the commission can ignore that,” said Commissioner Stuart Hill, who also voted against the raises.

Vice Chairman Chuck Banks said he didn’t believe the commission was ignoring the public reaction to the raises.

“I personally am quite proud we were able to get focused, get on it and do like the citizens expected us to do, and get up here and get the job done and go home,” Banks said.



Buckeye residents are being fed a line of bull about how they really need career politicians.


Mainers can watch as their poster-boy career politician tries to increase his pay and extend his time in office.


Other places where politician pay raises have happened or are in the works:

“The Utah Legislature passed a bill that would pay the state’s top executive $150,000 a year, a nearly 37 percent increase.”

“OLYMPIA, Wash. – Members of the Washington state Legislature may receive an 11% raise over the next few years. The governor is looking at a 4% raise”

Wyoming, “Senate File 116 would increase legislative pay from $150 per day to $175 per day. The raise would be the first for legislators since 2005.”



South Dakota voted down a raise. “SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO AM) – The Senate Local Government Committee today defeated a bill tying legislator’s pay to across-the-board increases to state employee’s salaries.”




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