Dissolve The Political Bands

Self governance, it’s an issue near and dear to the heart of liberty minded people everywhere. Residents of St. George, LA are attempting to incorporate and form their own city. Like many groups throughout history they have decided for reasons of their own to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another.

Louisiana’s Lawrawson Act provides for initiating this change.

Under the Lawrason Act, a petition must be circulated and signed by 25 percent of all registered voters located within the proposed new city. Upon completion of the petition with the requisite number of signatures, it must be submitted to the Registrar of Voters for certification. The next step upon certification is submission to the Governor, who has the responsibility to call a special election in which only the registered voters within the proposed incorporated area are eligible to vote. If a majority of those voters vote “yes,” the measure is passed and the new city is born.

I have not looked at their specific reasons for seeking self governance. My attention was drawn to the petition drive after an  opposition group named Better Together made claims about forged signatures in an effort to stop the process. The issue has now become quite heated with an organized opposition effort that seeks to undermine the issue in any way possible. Better Together has been running a campaign asking voters to remove their signatures from the petition. Better Together has been accused of improperly using a nonprofit postal account when asking people to remove their signatures from the petition. St. George supporters have hired lawyers to defend against challenges to their attempt at self governance.



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