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I’m Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined


President Obama suggested mandatory voting as a counter to money in politics.

How does that work in places where it’s been tried?

Brazil elected a clown.


Can mandatory voting get money out of politics? No.

What will get money out of politics? Two things, reducing government’s influence and reducing government spending. As long as government spends money, people will lobby to get a piece of the pie. You can see this in township and village government all the way to federal government. The only difference is how much people are willing to spend, and that is directly connected to the size of the contracts to be gained. Government’s influence is creating laws that impact businesses and individuals. In both of these examples the bigger the government the more money is spent to influence politicians.

Forcing people to vote is likely to increase not decrease the amount of money in politics.






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To See Or Not To See

Transparent government is a popular issue. Unless you’re in power.

On Tuesday, the White House published a notice in the Federal Register, deleting the regulation that required the Office of Administration to be subject to public information requests, which would have required a response under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The Office of Administration is made up of seven offices that are in charge of overseeing the general administration of the entire Executive Office.

transparency2This is a much different take than we would expect from a representative government.


An example of good policy can be found in Asheville, North Carolina.

Transparent access is an essential duty for those in public service. “We have a very strong commitment to providing access to information,” says Scott Barnwell, a member of the Code for Asheville brigade and an employee for the Asheville IT services department. “From our perspective, it’s not just about following local and state statutes, but taking them a step further towards more accessibility. It’s providing what the people want.”

The more power politicians have and the longer they have that power, the less they seek to serve the public and the more they seek to enshrine their power.

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