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Mass. Voters End Automatic Gas Tax

Last week, Massachusetts voters stopped automatic gas tax hikes by voting YES on Question 1, which repealed the legislature’s bill requiring the tax on gasoline to automatically rise with the rate of inflation in Massachusetts.

Supporters of Question 1 were outspent better than 17 to 1, but voters could not be dissuaded from a good idea. Liberty Initiative Fund was the largest single donor in favor of Question 1.

Opposition to the measure came almost entirely from construction companies likely to gain additional state business if the measure was defeated – a NO vote being to uphold the legislature’s enactment. A handful of companies and their related associations raised and spent more than $1.7 million against Question 1.

The election results saw the “Vote Yes” campaign win a 53 percent majority, garnering 1,091,131 votes versus 968,909 votes, 47 percent, against Question 1. How Your Life Will (or Won’t) Change From the Massachusetts Ballot Question Results

Ballotpedia: Mass. Automatic Gas Tax Increase Repeal, Question 1

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